Sunday, September 29, 2013

Decisions - 2013 Review Pt. I

Well, the Phillies finish the year in 4th place (one game behind the Mets) in the NL East with a 73-89 record. Under Sandberg, they were 0-2 to start and 2-8 to finish, but ended up 20-22. We'll play the blame game and grade these guys later, but let's talk off-season moves.

The Phillies have two outgoing free agents whom they are likely to re-sign: P Roy Halladay (injured) & C Carlos Ruiz. Ah, the memories of that Perfect Game & post-season no-hitter are still fresh in my mind thanks to iTunes and this battery. Oh, how things change quickly in baseball.

Sorry, had a sentimental tangent there...

Next is the fact that Sandberg is here for three or four years but may have to start from scratch with the entire coaching staff as "free agent coaches." The list is long:
  • P Rich Dubee
  • BP Rod Nichols
  • C Mick Billmeyer
  • H Steve Henderson
  • 1B/AH Wally Joyner
  • 3B Juan Samuel
Once again, my thoughts on who to keep will come later. Let's move on.

Next up are the ten (10) - not four (4)... sorry - arbitration-eligible players:
  1. Kendrick (RHS, shoulder), Bastardo (LHR, just reinstated from suspension), and OF Revere (ankle) are probably going to be tendered.
  2. With Asche the main man at 3B, he'll need some relief (15 games next year). IF Kevin Frandsen may be tendered a contract since Galvis & Hernandez have no experience at 3B, despite their versatility. Speaking of which, they both will see time at 3B & in the OF during winter ball.
  3. The six other players who are arbitration-eligible, but most likely non-tendered candidates (think Nate Schierhotz), are: P John Lannan* (knee), C Erik Kratz*, OF-1B John Mayberry* (Jr.), IF Peter Orr, P Zach Miner, and OFs Casper Wells & Roger Bernadina
    • *Lannan's injury makes him non-tenderable despite ONE spot open in the rotation for a half-year; Kratz may be tendered, but Rupp has done well in limited action; and with Galvis, Hernandez & Ruf on the bench, Mayberry becomes redundant.
And to round off this entry, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention those who finished the year on the DL not fitting the above categories: 1B Ryan Howard and pitchers Jeremy Horst, John Pettibone, and Mike Adams.

I'll have a season recap (grades & injuries) along with me playing the GM in my next entry.

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