Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Grades - 2013 Review Pt. II

I am grading most individuals, but only four of the bullpen pieces.

  • Manuel: D+/C-
    • Tenure (2005-13): B+/A-
  • Sandberg (as 3B coach): C-/C
  • Sandberg (as manager): B+
  • Samuel (1B-3B): A
  • Dubee (P): B+/A-
    • Tenure (2005-13): A
  • Nichols (BP): D+/C-
  • Henderson (H): D+/C-
  • Joyner (Assist. H-1B): C
Starting Rotation
  • Hamels: B+/A- | Forget the W-L record!
  • Halladay: D
  • Lee: A-/A
  • Kendrick: C+/B- | Good first half, injury could have affected him 2nd half.
  • Lannan: D | Injury
  • Pettibone: C-
  • Cloyd: C
  • Martin: C
These two would make great long men. Best of luck with Cleveland, Tyler!
The rotation did alright even with the injuries (a testament to good drafts a few years ago) while the bullpen was one of the biggest failures (see below), which is why I gave a favorable grade to Dubee since he's in charge of the starters and doesn't usually deal with the bullpen (only the long-men, if any). And in 2014, this rotation will probably see the debut of Biddle and Morgan. Lots to look forward to!
  • Pap: B
  • Adams: D
  • Durbin: F
  • Bastardo: F+/D-
The bullpen, almost dead last in the majors in the usual performance stats, was a major disaster and one of the main reasons for Manuel's firing. And it did so in fewer innings despite young starters and few complete games from the rotation's healthy veterans.

Let's break it down: Bastardo was suspended and he was performing so well - I guess we know why.... Pap's velocity was down, but his numbers were ok overall - maybe his elbow needs a "clean-up?". Adams really never got going, but it was not due to the off-season surgery. And Durbin was a signing that shouldn't have even happened. No-one performed as expected, especially during the middle of the season, but there were flashes of talent and effectiveness similar to late 2012, especially at the beginning and end of the year. If only people performed like they did late last year. OVERALL: D-

Looking ahead to 2014, if this bullpen is healthy & performs like it did late 2013 throughout 2014, then we could definitely contend. However, we said this exact same thing a year ago, so...

Everyday Players
  • Chooch (C): B+ | After a regretful start to the year, Chooch really bounced back, earning a contract next year.
  • Howard (1B): D | He needs to play like a $25MM-a-year player in 125-135 games. Otherwise, we should platoon him with Ruf in the 2nd half.
  • Utley (2B): B+ | Only missed a month and it was not because of his knees, and he played to near-All-Star levels. Deserved the extension.
  • Rollins (SS): C | What happened to his power?!!!
  • M. Young (3B-1B): C+/B- | He filled his roles nicely while Asche finished developing.
  • Brown (OF): A-/A | Patience is a virtue when it comes to young players and Brown is certainly the proof. Nearly 30 HRs & 80 RBIs playing mostly everyday is great production.
  • Revere (CF): B+/A- (1st half); INC (2nd half) | Freak accidents are hard to predict in baseball and it is sad that Revere was playing so well at the time.
  • D. Young (RF): D | What were you thinking, Rube? At least it was a cheap signing.
  • OVERALL: C+/B-
There was good news and bad news and the injuries certainly didn't help. At least those who performed performed well and those that didn't perform are either no longer here or not here for long. Run support for Hamels would have been a nice touch, as well.

  • Kratz (C): D+/C-
  • Quintero (C): D+/C-
  • Rupp (C): A
Back-up catchers were not performing to their usual standards, but they got us through Chooch's suspension and injury relatively unscathed (pun not intended). At least there's depth in the minors if Valle & Joseph bounce back.
  • Asche (3B): A | Except for a slow start and slow finish offensively, Asche still set himself in good position for the 3B job. Could he be the "everyday third basemen" for the next 5-10 years? It certainly seems like it. And doesn't he look like Chase Utley out there?!
  • Frandsen (IF): B+/A- | I'd say bring him back to platoon with Asche.
  • Galvis (IF-OF): No grade
  • Hernandez (2B-CF): No grade
These two certainly will make great bench players, especially after they take-up 3B & OF in winter ball.
  • Ruf (1B-OF): B+/A- | Way to learn the corner OF spots, Darin! He doesn't strike me as a 600-PA guy (pun not intended, BTW), but 400 PAs playing three positions is certain to maximize his success next year.
  • Mayberry (1B-OF): C | He passes, but he's now redundant given his age and platoon splits.
  • OVERALL: B+/A-
Looks like the bench is set for next year with many of the same players as this year. I'm looking forward to this as long as Ryne gives these guys regular playing time... something Charlie should have done.

I have graded these guys individually already, but feel it necessary to give the rookies an overall score. So, they get an "A-". Pettibone, Martin, Deikman, De Fratus, Asche, Ruf, Galvis, and Hernandez have certainly shown that they're ready for major league action. With Asche's slumps, Pettibone's injury, Martin's late-in-games ERA, and the young arms in the bullpen not performing to late-2012 levels... I decided to keep them below A/A+ criteria. Still, a 9/10 is a great score and it is my hope that there's some RoY votes for some of these guys.


Well, a mid-year crash results in a losing record and a new manager, but things are looking up. Being healthy and performing up to expectations in 2014 should keep this team above the .500 mark.

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