Saturday, September 14, 2013

Revisiting Bold Predictions from 3/22

My bold predictions for this year have been terrible, but let' break them down one-by-one:

Phils lose Opening Day in a pitching duel between Hamels and Hudson. Score: 2-1 (a no-decision for Hamels). The Phillies did lose on Opening Day in a slug-fest with 12 combined runs scored.

Phils struggle in April, but do manage a 15-13 record in the month (not including the Indians game). Halladay struggles and defense is off to a slow start. Their April Record was 12-14. Halladay did struggle and eventually needed surgery to fix his shoulder.

Despite losing O.D. and struggling in April, the team still win 84-87 games this year; they do make the postseason, albeit as a wild-card. Well, this completely busted! 'Nuff said!

Brown wins a silver slugger award by hitting 25 HRs & 100+ RBIs. He falls just short of Gold Glove status while earning some MVP votes. One of the few bright spots in a lost season, Brown has emerged as the everyday left fielder. He has come a long way defensively and playing everyday has helped his offense. He's been dealing with an Achilles and his team is bad, limiting him to 80 RBIs and probably no MVP votes, but I'm sure he'll garner some SS & GG votes. I'd say this is a good prediction.

Hamels is - at the VERY least - in the top three in Cy Young voting with 19-21 wins, a 2.50 ERA, 0.99 WHIP, 8.5 K/9, four CG, two shut-outs, which includes his first career no-hitter. Cole Hamels made numerous quality starts even when he was struggling in the first half of the season to a tune of a near-4.50 ERA, but has since put up a near-2.00 ERA. While this prediction has busted overall, let his season be more evidence that the win statistic is "outdated."

So, what's my overall score?
  1. Opening Day: 45%
  2. April: 45%
  3. Overall Record: 0%
  4. Brown: 85%
  5. Hamels: 45%
Score: 220/500 =  44%

I also made a prediction after Biddle's 16-K performance in AA that he'd be promoted come Trade Deadline. Since no one was traded and Biddle struggled mid-year after an illness, he never got that promotion. Since he did well overall (I'd give him a B-), he'll get AAA next season and will be, at the very least, a Sept. call-up next year.

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