Saturday, January 5, 2013

Spring Training Preview & The Seventh OF

Happy New Year from JBreezy Phillies. Let's hope this is a better year for you, your family and the Philadelphia sports world.

Well, the Phillies' 2013 Roster is pretty much set, which has been the case ever since the signings of Adams & Lannan and the non-acquisitions of Swisher & Ross. Here's who they have (I didn't include ALL the invitees):


The rotation consists of Hamels (L), Halladay (R), Lee (L), Kendrick (R), and Lannan (L). This is the order I'd put them in if I were Charlie. We're hoping for bonce-back seasons from Lee and especially Halladay. Kendrick is in the rotation unless (1) he's too inconsistent & (2) Tyler Cloyd dazzles.

The bullpen has four occupants: right-handers Papelbon (closer), Adams (set-up man), & Cloyd (long-man/ spot-starter), and left-hander Antonio Bastardo. There are three spots left: at least one righty & one lefty. On the depth chart, the righties are Aumont, De Fratus, Stutes, & Schwimmer (in order of most likely to make it); the lefties are Horst, Valdes, Deikman, & Savery (again, in order of decreasing probabilities of making the cut). I leave out middle-relievers B.J. Rosenberg (R) & Robles (L). They'll most likely be in the minors.

Erik Kratz will handle most of the catching duties and Quintero & Lerud will compete for the April back-up as Ruiz serves his 25-game suspension for Adderal use. Ruiz will be allowed to play in Spring Training, practice with the team before each game, and spend the last 4-5 days of his suspension "rehabbing." In the minors are Sebastian Valle & Tommy Joseph: Valle is on the 40-man roster.


The core will be Ryan Howard at first, Chase Utley at second, Jimmy Rollins at shortstop, and Mike Young at third. Kevin Frandsen & Freddy Galvis will be on the bench, with Mike "Mini-Mart" Martinez invited to spring training. We are hoping for a full season from Howard & Utley and bounce-back seasons from all of them. Howard should be ok; Rollins doesn't need one DEFENSIVELY; Utley is keeping up with baseball activities over the winter; and Young, while not a great defender, SHOULD provide value offensively.


The only sure "roster lock" is CF Ben Revere, acquired from the Twins for Worley & May at the tail end of the Winter Meetings. Domonic Brown has nothing left to prove in the minors and will almost certainly (99.5%) get his shot at the everyday right-fielder job (power & routes to balls needed). Darin "Babe" Ruf looks to play left field & provide depth at first base (an 87.5% chance of making it). If the Phils do not acquire a veteran corner OF, Mayberry ($500k), Nix ($1.35M), and Rule-Five pick Inciarte will compete for the other two spots: Inciarte is most likely to go (offered back to the D'backs); Mayberry has some (but not a lot of) trade value; and Nix can be released or put on waivers with the Phils swallowing his salary.

For me, Brown must have the opportunity to get 300 PAs from Opening Day through the All-Star Break (96 games) and be on-pace for over 15 HRs. Otherwise, we should just trade him. With that said, I'd like to sign or trade for the veteran corner OF: according to Phillies' Beat Reporter Todd Zolecki, FA Scott Hairston & Angels OF Vernon Wells are two names being tossed around.

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